Anon M5 Goggles + Spare Lens + MFI



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The M5 MFI features Anon’s innovative Magna-Tech lens change system. Magna-Tech is the gold standard for quick and easy lens swaps without sacrificing security or comfort. Utilizing powerful magnets built into the frame and lens providing a secure comfortable fit all day. The M5 also includes Anons unique MFI (Magnetic Facemask Integration) technology. MFI allows you to attach the included MFI facemask to the bottom edge of your M5 goggles through magnets. This lets your goggles vent properly avoiding fogging while keeping your face warm and dry all day long. The M5 comes with a bonus lens to match any cloudy conditions you might encounter. The M5 features Anons all new Perceive flat toric-lens giving you the best of both cylindrical and toric lenses in a modern package. Fits medium to large faces with a normal nose bridge.


  • Unisex frame design; Fits medium and large faces; bonus lens.
  • Perceive lens provides high-contrast vision and terrain defining clarity in just about any light condition; A hydrophobic and oleophobic coating provides unmatched smudge, scratch, and moisture resistance on the outer lens surface for clear optics and easy cleaning.
  • Toric Injected Lens combines the best design characteristics for enhanced clarity and peripheral vision while maximizing the goggles vent volume.
  • Magna-Tech® quick lens-change technology uses a magnetic interface for a seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal that makes for easy lens changes and unsurpassed lens retention.
  • MFI® technology (Magnetic Face Mask Integration) uses magnetic connection to quickly seal your face mask to your goggles without obstructing ventilation for a gapless setup that seals out the elements.
  • Integral Clarity Technology Anti-Fog exceeds basic anti-fog treatment standards, delivering crystal-clear vision that lasts for an extended period of time.