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Why book a Bootfitting?

Masterfit University

Skiing and Snowboarding can be the best fun, sliding around the mountain, challenging yourself but it can also be a painful experience if your feet are hurting from badly fitting boots.

Most people’s first purchases for the Snow are Jacket, Pants, Goggles and accessories all aimed to keep you warm and dry with clear vision. The next and most important purchase should be professionally fitted boots. The feet are one of the most proprioceptive parts of the body, the ability to sense oneself. Allowing for good balance and sense of the ski or the snowboards actions and control.

With over 30 years’ experience and numerous Masterfit University specialist bootfitting courses, Alan McVie has the knowledge to diagnose potential feet issues that can adversely affect boot comfort and performance whether it is supination, pronation, flexibility, dorsiflexion, foot or stance alignment, volume issues or just lumps and bumps. Sometimes all that is needed is either a generic insole or a Custom Masterfit foot bed to correct and stabilise the foot and stance, less fatigue and greater strength transfer in the turn, possibly reducing adverse effects to the knees, back and hips, better circulation hence warmer feet. Correct sizing for width and volume is also very important as is matching the particular foot to the various shapes of different boots and deciding whether comfort or performance is the preferred type of fit. Having the boots tight and even throughout the foot is always the goal.

Boots come in a variety of styles differentiating length, width across the fore foot, volume and levels of stiffness for increased response and performance. All midrange boots and above, have mouldable liners to allow better shaping and hold, particularly around the ankle. Most of these boots can also be modified internally and externally to suit overt shapes such as bunions, protruding ankles and extreme width.


Customer preconceptions to size, brand/model and colour can be disadvantageous. The boot fitters goal is to achieve a fit that is comfortable but tight with the customers input very important. Ski boots in particular should be worn like ice skates, the exact size of your foot, they will feel short at first, almost claustrophobic on the toes. Within 5-10 minutes with flexing the boot, the foot will fit into the heel pocket, resulting in more toe room.

Buying boots too big especially Snowboard boots is a common problem. It is important to allow more time for the bootfitting process, so the Boot fitter can guide you in the selection of the right boot for your skill level, size and foot issues, keeping in mind the boot is as tight in the shop as it will ever be, once on the snow after a few runs they will give a little. Boot sizing can vary greatly between brands and models, internal volumes of liner and shell and length differences.

Alan McVie can find the right boot for your foot but a little time is needed to go through the correct process, appointments can be made with Alan on 02-49265177