GNU Head Space Mens Snowboard 2023



GNU Headspace Mens Snowboars 2022

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The 2023 Head Space satisfies mind, body, and soul with the need for a softer, cambered snowboard that absolutely destroys everywhere on the mountain but really shines in the streets and the terrain park. Completely designed by the technical mastermind Forest Bailey, the Head Space can carve morning groomers with the best of them, then head into the park for some serious freestyle fun. Built with a Level 1 asymmetrical construction, soft camber profile, and added Magnetraction edge control, you will feel solid on your feet and have response like no other, while it still being playful when you want it to be.


Rider LevelIntermediate – Advanced

Board Type: Park

Camber Type: C3

Very mild rocker between your feet with powerful camber to the tip and tail. This is Mervins version of traditional camber, offering maximum edge hold, pop, power, and precision with extra float and carve.

Flex: 5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Shape: Asym Twin

Identical tip to tail for controlled riding in regular or switch, with an asymmetric construction from toe to heel. Our bodies aren’t the same front to back, so why should our boards be? Asymmetrical boards are built with a shorter sidecut on the heel edge and a different core construction from toe to heel, resulting in more precise carves on your toes, and easier and more powerful turns on your heels. This board is a level 1 on the asym scale, featuring an asymmetrical sidecut and core.

Core: G2 Lite Construction with Asym Level 1

Light, environmentally nice, strong, and poppy. Combines Aspen and Paulownia woods with Triax and Biax alloy glass for a super smooth ride and lighter weight.

Asym Sidecut: Deeper sidecut on heel side for increased power

Base: Eco Sublimated Sintered

Strong, fast, holds wax well, and environmentally friendly. Glide over flat spots and wet spring snow with less drag and more speed.

Mounting Pattern: 2×4 inserts

Additional Features:

Eco Sublimated Poly Top – This topsheet is made using an eco-friendly sublimation process.

UHMW Sidewalls – Tough and fast sidewalls.

Magnetraction – 7 strategically placed serrations along the edges of the board grip onto the snow and hold a strong edge in any condition.


Length (cm) Contact Length (cm) Waist (mm) Nose / Tail Width (cm) Sidecut (m) Max Stance (cm) Setback (cm) Weight Range (kg)
149 112 250 29.1 7.6 / 7.8


0 55-80
152 113 250 29.4 7.8 / 8.0


0 60-85
155 115 254 29.7 8.0 / 8.2


0 65-90
158 117 255 30.0 8.1 / 8.3


0 68-90
155 Wide 115 264 30.5 8.0 / 8.2


0 65-90