Bootfitting, equiment tuning and hiring

Bootfitting and equiment tuning and hiring are avaliable at Proski for your convenience. Your dream snow trip starts with the right choice of your equipment, the proper gear and clothing. Because our team have experienced skiers and snowboarders, we offer specialized in-store advice for our customers.

Bootfitting with Alan McVie

Book your Bootfitting with Alan McVie, our Masterfit University specialist with numerous bootfitting courses. Skiing and Snowboarding can be the best fun. Slide around the mountain, challenging yourself, but it can also be a painful experience if your feet are hurting from badly fitting boots.

Ski and Snowboard tuning, waxing and mounting

Top-notch Wintersteiger equipped provides the quality that we need in our Workshop, prepared to deliver the best Ski and Snowboard tuning, waxing and mounting. Moreover, our team is experienced, professional and reliable. Check our full list of Workshop services on our Ski and Snowboard tuning, waxing and mounting page.

Hire ski and snowbard equipment

Hire ski and snowboard equipment at Proski before you go and save time and stress by organising your hire before your trip. Hiring is:

TIME-SAVING – Best equipment, available to you before you depart for your trip.
EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE – Relax instead of queueing up in the shop.
RELAXED SKI-FUN – We care for Fitting and Service. Make sure that you will have the equipment that is right for you and will make you comfortable while skiing and snowboarding.
MONEY SAVER – Get access to the best ski and snowboard equipment and spend only when you use it. We have a wide range of the best ski and snowboard gear, snow chains, all well kept and regularly inspected.