NORTHWAVE LF Spin Kids Snowboard Boot



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LF SPIN is an All mountain boot with a medium-soft flex, it adapts to different terrains and great first boot.
The unique SPIN system assures a fast and secure closure of the boot, it requires 30% less turns compared to the other wire closure systems. Dyneema cable, same used on parachutes, is lighter than steel wire and has no memory problem.

A great for beginner riders, the LF Spin has everything your little grom needs. The Spin closures make for easy on and off and stay secured throughout the day. The gummy out sole and 360 Heel Retention systems provide amazing support with a tons of traction and grip. A great starter boot with great durability that you can pass down to little brother or sister as each child progresses, season after season.


360 Heel Lock System – Completely Wrapped Ankle Combined with Brass or Nylon Lace Loops

Spin Closure System – Durable Performance, Faster Response to Torsional Force, 25% Faster Than Traditional Reel Closure Systems. The system allows quick lacing shoes with a single flick. The system helps to save valuable time on the slopes and requires almost no power.

Gummy Sole – Kid Inspired Construction, Superior Performance, Undeniable Comfort and Grip

Soft Flex-Soft snowboard boots are the perfect choice for beginners. They are very comfortable and allow for first snowboard mistakes.