MARKER Jester 16 ID Ski Bindings

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MARKER Jester 16 ID Ski Bindings

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MARKER Jester 16 ID Ski Bindings

From its very beginning 10 years ago, the Marker Jester has ruled the mountain. The Jester 16 ID continues that heritage, from the highest peaks and steepest lines all the way to the park and pipe. With SOLE.ID, the Jester ID has the ability to accommodate both Alpine and Alpine Touring ski boot norms. All Marker Royal Family bindings feature Power Width Design, our signature toe and heel designs that make your skis perform at their best – so you can rule with confidence. Recommended for skis over 76mm.


Weight: 1070 g (90 mm)

Din/ISO Range: 6.0 – 16.0

Recom. Skier’s Weight: 60+ kg

Stand height w/o ski: 18/24 mm

Toe System: Triple Pivot Elite 2

AFD Gliding Plate: Stainless steel, hight adjustable

Step-in Heel: Inter Pivot 2

One binding, two boot norms

Whatever boot you wear, all Marker SOLE.ID bindings are compatible to every kind of ski boot! Whether you prefer alpine boots or boots with touring sole, with SOLE.ID the bindings can be adjusted in seconds. The secret is the height-adjustable gliding plate; easy to handle and of course providing uncompromising performance. SOLE.ID respects ISO 5355 (alpine boots) and ISO 9523 (boots with touring soles).

All MARKER bindings are equipped with a moveable AFD (anti friction device) leading to a highly precise release almost entirely unhindered by dirt, snow and ice! Individual adjustment of the AFD to the area of application ensures perfect functionality – from racing, for children’s bindings or on ski tours.

The stunning heel construction delivers superior holding power for free riding, featuring DIN/ISO 6-18. The Inter Pivot Heel directs the power forces in the angle of elasticity improving the holding power and reducing pre-releases.

Magnesium sole holders in the toe combinded with a Magnesium heel housing provide the most solid construction for the hardest charging freeride athletes

The toe construction with DIN/ISO up to Z 18 allows for impressive retention when freeriding. The spring in the toe is inserted horizontally and with a sole plate inclined by 5° it provides the highest energy absorption so as to reduce the risk of early release. The large supporting surface optimizes the power transmission and allows for great stresses and strains. In relation to their weight, toes with this technology therefore achieve a never-seen-before performance.

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