MARKER Griffon 13 TCX Alpine Bindings



MARKER Griffon 13 TCX Alpine Bindings

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MARKER Griffon 13 TCX Alpine Bindings

The versatile freeride binding with TCX heel, adapted to the rental market for ski widths over 76 mm.

The proven demo version of the Griffon 13 with TCX heel for a more alpine-oriented target group. It combines a more comfortable entry with very good riding performance. Made for advanced to expert skiers. The new Griffon is equipped with all new Triple Pivot Elite toe, TCX heel and the new Anti Ice Rail to scrap off snow from the boot sole. Due to the FDT technology, another important feature for the rental business is the toolless length adjustment of toe and heel. Griffon 13 TCX D is available with 90, 100 and 110mm brakes.


  • Category: Freeride
  • Brake width: 90 mm | 100 mm | 110 mm | 120 mm
  • Din/ISO Range: 4.0 – 13.0
  • Size: Min – max boot sole length (mm) 260 – 388 mm
  • Boot type: standard Alpine | GripWalk
  • Recom. Skier’s Weight: <120 kg
  • Stand height w/o ski: 25 mm
  • Toe System: Triple Pivot Elite 3
  • Step-in Heel: TCX
  • Heel adjustment range: FDT System
  • Weight: 1210 g
  • AFD Gliding Plate: Stainless steel


    • AFD GLIDING PLATE: MARKER bindings are equipped with a moveable AFD (anti friction device) supporting a precise release almost entirely unhindered by dirt, snow and ice! Individual adjustment of the AFD to the area of application enhance optimized functionality – from racing, for children’s bindings or on ski tours.
    • GRIPWALK: THE SOLE-BINDING SYSTEM FOR BETTER WALKING COMFORT AND TOP SKIING PERFORMANCE GripWalk contains of a new co-polymer sole with rocker profile. The convex shape and ribbed tread of the rubber add a lot of walking comfort and provide a much better grip. Still, integrated pads made of stiff and rigid materials, enable great power transmission and more precise release function of the binding. GripWalk soles are the perfect tuning parts designed for selected premium ski boots and bindings.
    • ANTI ICE RAIL: Use the metal rail to scratch off ice and snow below your boot sole.
      TWIN CAM X HEEL: The next logical step in the improvement of our Twincam heel, with more power, higher elasticity in the release and an optimized performance curve. The construction increases the boot and ski connectivity for a longer period, even in extremely steep terrain, ensuring more precise ski guidance until released. It also offers improved power transfer through the wider connection of the heel rail (43 mm).
    • TRIPLE PIVOT ELITE TOE: The toe construction with DIN/ISO up to Z 18 allows for impressive retention when freeriding. The spring in the toe is inserted horizontally and with a sole plate inclined by 5° it provides the higher energy absorption so as to reduce the risk of early release. The large supporting surface optimizes the power transmission and allows for great stresses and strains. In relation to their weight, toes with this technology therefore achieve a never-seen-before performance.



Marker Griffon 13 TCX Demo Ski Bindings Size chart
8-18 130 + lbs. Jester 18 Pro ID, XComp 18
6-16 130 + lbs. Duke PT 16, Jester 16 ID, XComp 16, XComp 16 GW Black
4-13 80 + lbs. Griffon 13 ID, Baron EPF 13
4-12 80 – 250 lbs. Squire 12 TCX, Duke PT 12, F12 Tour EPF, XComp 12, XComp 12 GW Black
3-11 65 – 240 lbs. Squire 11
3-10 65 – 230 lbs. Squire 10, 10.0 TP, F10 Tour, Race 10 TCX, Race 10
5-12 100 – 250 lbs. Kingpin M-WERKS 12
6-13 130 + lbs. Kingpin 13
5-10 100 – 230 lbs. Kingpin 10
6-12 130 + lbs. Alpinist 12
4-10 80 – 230 lbs. Alpinist 10
3-8 65 – 165 lbs Alpinist 8
2-8 53 – 165 lbs. Race Junior 8
2-7 53 – 165 lbs. Free 7, 7.0
0.75-4.5 29 – 125 lbs. 4.5