KD Krypton Waterski + Axcess Boot + RTP



KD Krypton Waterski + Axcess

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KD Krypton Waterski + Axcess Boot + RTP

The KD Krypton offers tournament specifications in a slightly wider, open water-friendly width and a softer user-friendly construction. With a slightly wider profile blending into an increased tail taper, the width allows the ski to sit stable underfoot while allowing you to stand over the ski and generate speed into and out of turns. An adjusted edge bevel allows the Krypton to handle and hold a greater angle when on edge to cut through the wash and hold a consistent speed.   The Base PU core construction with fibreglass laminates allows for a much more forgiving ski, providing flex through and out of turns. With signature tournament-style finishings, the Krypton is a swiss army knife that will carve up the open water and push the course alike.
The KD Axcess boot is the perfect boot for all intermediate skiers, allowing for response when you need it while providing the ultimate comfort. Neoprene-lined inners allow for easy entry and a comfortable fit, while a medium flex upper gives you feel around your ankle. A foam base allows for softness underfoot, and finally, a dual lace will lock you in and keep you safe in the boot, providing the perfect amount of response no matter the situation.



  • Flat Spot – Underneath your front foot gives you comfort and stability while also propping you up higher on a platform for control throughout your entire motion from cut to turn.
  • Continuous Rocker – Through the tip and tail allows the ski always to provide a constant level of speed across the wash and allows for a smooth, comfortable turn, drive through the wash, while still having the ability to keep that speed into your leading edge easily.


  • Flex Rating(1=Soft, 10=Stiff) – 6/10


  • PU Core – The most well-known core in waterskiing is a durable, slightly softer material meaning you can ski for longer and not feel as tired while also getting more flex into turns and less rebound when crossing the wash.
  • Carbon Inlays – Strengthen along the length of the ski to provide the response and pop out of the apex of your turn


  • Fibreglass Laminates – The most forgiving top layer you can get, a simple fibreglass laminate allows the ski to provide a comfortable flex and smooth arcing turns.


  • Altered Edge Bevel – A new edge bevel allows for comfort coming into edges without sacrificing the ability to get plenty of angle into turns, making sure at every point of your cut your comfortable
  • Wider For-body – an increase in width in the for-body of the ski not only creates stability but also allows you to stand over the top of the ski with more confidence before heading into your turns
  • Reduced Tail Width – Allows the ski to have more power on edge without sacrificing speed.


  • Full Edge to Edge Concave in Body and Tail – A full concave throughout the ski’s body and tail helps you keep a constant speed and consistency when on edge and coming across the wash.

Other Features

  • Polished Speed Base – All about promoting greater water flow across the base of the ski to ultimately reduce drag
  • Competition Fin System


  • Riding Ability: Intermediate
  • Ski Type: Cross-Over
  • Ski Speeds: 30-34Mph


  • (66″) – 63-82Kgs
  • (68″) – 80Kgs +


  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty



  • Mid Flex


  • Medium / Soft PU Upper – The perfect blend of ease and response, allowing the boot to respond at any movement but flex around the foot
  • Neoprene Flex Zones – Allows the boot to flex at the ankle point unhindered and true.

Liner & Lacing

  • Full Neoprene Lined Inners – Comfort from the minute you step into the boot, designed to hug your foot like a second skin adding support
  • Neoprene Floating Toe Liner – Sliding into your boot and locking it down over your foot has never been so easy.
  • EVA Footbed – Designed to give you all the comfort you need underfoot
  • Dual Zone Lacing


  • Superlight Plate


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty