JETPILOT The Cause Infant Buoyancy Jacket


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JETPILOT Cause Infant Buoyancy Jacket

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This Jetpilot baby life jacket has been specifically designed with the child’s safety in mind and incorporating a wide crotch strap, halo style collar and a handle/ grip to provide a quick and safe method of retrieving your baby out of the water.

Remember a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) or life vest is an essential when participating in water-based activities, even your infant. So whether you are on a personal watercraft, boat, kayak, wakeboarding, wake surfing or water skiing it is highly recommended you and your family have a suitable life vest.

All PFD’s found on have been rigorously tested and is certified to Australian Standards AS4758.


Flex Lite Ultra Neoprene
Australian Standards – L50S (Pink) L50 (Yellow L50 and Red L50)
2 Buckle Design
Flex Lite Ultra Neoprene
Safety Strap
Neoprene Safety Pillow
Highest Quality PVC Foam
Comfortable Wide Neoprene Padded Safety Strap Under Crotch Strap To Prevent The Vest From Riding Up