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The Hovercraft is the waterski that everyone should have in their quiver. If you’ve ever wondered how a surfboard would handle to ski on (which you probably haven’t), you now have the answer with this free-ski weapon. Shaped with the ultimate width profile, trouble on deep water starts is a thing of the past, reducing the amount of wobble and spray to your face. With a surfboard-inspired thruster design, the Hovercraft creates edge hold while the fin setup provides pivot in turns at slower speeds. Finished in a flex body construction, the Hovercraft flexes underfoot to put less strain on your body. It’s tough to find a kinder ski.


  • Continuous Rockerline –  A singular long continuous rockerline provides a considerably more stable and forgiving feel in transitions from edge to edge and, in the build-up to the apex of your cut, while also removing any stall spots at the top of your cut.


  • Flex Rating(1=Soft, 10=Stiff) – 5/10


  • PU Core – The most well-known core in waterskiing. A durable, slightly softer material, meaning you can ski for longer and not feel as tired while getting more flex into turns and less rebound crossing the wash.


  • Fibreglass Laminates – The most forgiving top layer you can get is a simple fibreglass laminate that allows the ski to provide a comfortable flex and smooth arcing turn.


  • Swallow Tail Tri-Fin for Surf Style Control – A Swallow style tail means you can turn with absolute ease, while the thruster style provides the ultimate edge hold and traction fins that give stable turns.
  • Extra Stable Platform – Making deep water starts as easy as getting up on a wakesurfer. The wider profile means less wobble and spray, so you can get up smoother and at slower speeds.
  • Clean Edge 3.0 Tail – A tapered edge from the base of the back foot to the tail reduces the ski’s drag by around 50%
  • Flex body Construction – A reduced profile ski body combined with the overall construction gives greater torsional stability and response comparative to load when under stress.


  • Deep Concave – Creates stability while on edge and through turns, balancing out the speed.

Other Features:

  • Hex Fin – An Airfoil inspired 3D fin allows the ski to have greater handling at slower speeds and help get the ski into the edge


  • Riding Ability: Beginner to Advanced
  • Ski Type: Free-Ski
  • Ski Speeds: Up to 25Mph


  • (M/66″) –  62-90Kgs
  • (L/68″) – 90Kgs +


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty