FULL TILT Mary Jane Ladies Ski Boots



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The Full Tilt Mary Jane Ski Boots use the new Influence 3-Piece Boot Design, enabling more women than ever before to enjoy Full Tilt’s one of a kind natural flex. From the women’s anatomical last & calf shape to the extra 4mm of open cell foam that molds to your feet keeping them extra warm, you’ll never complain about your boots again.

Product Details

The Aluminum Macro Ladder + Micro quick adjustment memory have you out on the snow and not in the car adjusting settings.

The Plush Liner is an extra thick Body Heat Activated custom liner with Women’s Anatomical last to fit a women’s foot, ankle and calf shape with Wide Fit thinner foam in the heel and toes areas and 8mm Open Cell for extra thick warm insulation and comfort.

Additional Features
Cable Keeper is the perfect minimalist system to keep cables organized.

Cuff Shape
The cuff is padded and shaped to fit a woman’s leg muscles and stance.

Flex and Fit
Flex Rating: 4 (1 Softest – 10 Stiffest)

The soft #4 flex tongue gives you versatile and forgiving performance.


Incorrectly fitting ski boots can ruin your ski holiday. Plain and simple. Here at PROSKI we highly recommend for you to come in-store to have your ski boots professionally fitted.

With over 30 years’ experience and numerous Masterfit University specialist boot fitting courses, Alan McVie has the knowledge to diagnose potential feet issues that can adversely affect boot comfort and performance. Whether it is supination, pronation, flexibility, dorsiflexion, foot or stance alignment, volume issues, or just lumps and bumps. Read more about our boot fitting service and or book an appointment with Alan HERE