DRAKE DF Junior Snowboard



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  • All-mountain

    Dedication: AM All-Mountains boards are the most versatile and great for everyone from beginners to advanced riders

  • Freestyle

    Dedication: FS Freestyle boards are great for parks, pipes and on the slope


  • Standard

    Standard board width – perfect if your shoe size is less than 11 US


  • Standard

    Traditional boards have binding inserts where the channel is located. Standard mounting system allows you to mount bindings in tens different positions


  • Twin tip

    Snowboards are shaped one of two ways: directional or twin. Twin snowboards are symmetrical, so the nose and tail are the same length. This shape is usually used in freestyle and jib snowboards

Snowboard Profile

  • Hybrid

    Hybrid boards are combination of other profiles, what gives them extraordinary characteristics. These board are designed for advanced riders


  • Medium

    Snowboard flex describes how flexible a snowboard is. Medium boards provide good stability at high speeds and allow for great comfort of moves on the slope


  • Extruded

    Extruded base – tend to be more durable and cheaper to make than sintered base. An extruded base will be much slower than a properly maintained, and waxed, sintered base