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CONNELLY Voodoo Wakesurf

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CONNELLY Voodoo Wakesurf

When you’ve got the whole bunch on the boat, this is the board that’s gonna be makin’ the rounds. The Connelly Voodoo Wakesurf Board features a wide tip and tail that supports any rider and skill level. Thermo Shell construction makes the Voodoo light and buoyant, but tough enough to withstand the bumps and bruises imparted by a gang of hooligans.


Construction and Materials
Thermo Shell Construction – Thermo Shell construction offers the durability of a compression-molded board and the freedom to shape like a high-performance epoxy surfer. It’s strong, light, and built to shred.

EPS Foam Core

Hybrid Design – Hybrid surf designs generally have a thin profile, somewhat sharp rail, and a deeper surf style fin. The result is a fast acting, responsive board that can carve a mean line as well.

4’5″ Size – Rocker Height: 2.7″/0.2″

4’10” Size – Rocker Height: 2.9″/0.3″

5’1″ Size – Rocker Height: 2.9″/0.3″

Twin Fin – With no center fin there’s less resistance through the middle of the board, which allows for more speed and makes it easy to break free on a slash while still being grippy enough to hold on the bottom turn.

Twin Futures 3.6″ Fins

Additional Features
Full EVA Pad

Do Not Store in Boat Board Racks – evo does not recommend storing your wakesurfer in boat board racks. Many wakesurf boards are fragile and can be easily damaged by these racks, which is not covered under manufacturer warranty.