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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Understand our privacy policy. We value our customers and their privacy. We use personal information to ensure efficient processing of your order and identifying customers and their needs. Hence we don’t give, sell, or rent personal information to third-party unless we are legally required to do so or you authorize us.

Information Collection and Use

Our site’s registration requires users to give us information used to contact the customer in the event of difficulty when processing an order. For example, problems with credit card verification, product availability, etc. Also, users can choose to receive future mailings during the registration. Our site uses an order form for customers to request information, products, and services. 

Additionally, we collect and use financial information to bill the user for products and services, Proski uses PayPal and AfterPay to process the customer’s orders. Consequently, we do not store credit card numbers in our database. Proski assigns a customer ID number to customers to verify the user’s identity and for use as account numbers in our system.


To reinforce ou privacy policy, our website employs a secure connection with the HTTPS protocol. Therefore, we ensure that the data is not readable from unwanted third party network users. Moreover, the secure connection uses encryption to transfer data between your browser and our server. Consequently increasing the level of security and preventing man-in-the-middle attacks. The HTTPS encryption protects against eavesdropping and tampering of the communication. Our SSL Certificate is provided by GoDaddy Australia.

While on a secure page, you should see the lock icon on the address bar of web browsers as “locked”. As opposed to un-locked, or open, when you are just β€œsurfing”. Finally, if you have any questions about the security at our web site, please contact us sending an e-mail to onlinesales@proski.com.au.