LIQUID FORCE Foamie Micro Mal Wakesurf

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LIQUID FORCE Foamie Micro Mal

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LIQUID FORCE Foamie Micro Mal Wakesurf

Based off the El Guapo shape, the Micro Mal is the ultimate board for cruising and showing off your style. The micro dot foam deck has the ultimate grip to get those toes over the nose and the single fin box set up allows for soulful, old school bottom turns. Coming in at a 5’0 length, this universal board is great for beginners and anyone on the boat. Give the Micro Mal a try, you’ll feel like your surfing Malibu in the 60’s with Miki Dora.

Size: 5’0″


  • While these boards are built with the highest quality construction, misuse may result in damage. Additionally, there are several every-day use situations that might affect the appearance of your Wake Foamie products but will not alter the performance of the board. Here are a few tips and recommendations for care to avoid any issues…
  • Do not leave in the sun for a long period of time
  • Deck and Rail foam may dent if left in board racks for long periods of time
  • Denting from other board fins resting on foam deck, may cause marks
  • Normal wear and tear may result in discoloration or scuff marks on foam deck
  • Proper care = Stoke and FUN for years