JETPILOT Level 150 Manual Inflate PFD

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JETPILOT Level 150 Manual PFD

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JETPILOT Level 150 Manual Inflate PFD

When it comes to inflatable jackets, the mechanism is crucial for your safety. That’s why Jetpilot trusts Halkey as their supplier, the world’s largest and most reliable manufacturer with a proven track record of zero failure rates. But safety doesn’t have to come at the cost of comfort. Jetpilot’s jackets feature a contoured, slim fit design made from high-quality polyester to ensure maximum comfort. The longer jacket designs also help prevent additional torso injuries during emergency recoveries from the water. Plus, with no fly away clips, they are convenient and easy to self-service for up to 5 years from the purchase date. Jetpilot’s jackets exceed the AS4758.1 2015 standard for quality and safety, and feature an advanced multi-fit design for a perfect fit. To top it all off, each jacket comes equipped with a 33-gram bottle. Trust Jetpilot for unmatched safety, comfort, and quality in inflatable jackets

Australian Standards Level L150 Approved.

Available Sizes: One Size Fits Most

How To Self Service This Life Jacket

  • The Jetpilot inflatable Life Jacket can be self-serviced every year before the expiry date for 5 years.
  • On the 5th year it must be serviced by an approved service agent.
  • For commercial use the Jetpilot Life Jacket must be serviced by an approved service agent every 12 months.

Note: Due to the Co2 Cartridge this product can not be Express shipped

5 Year Self Service Life Jacket

Experience the pinnacle of safety and comfort with the Jetpilot Men’s Inflatable Life Jacket Level 150 in Black. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of water enthusiasts, this life jacket is your trusty companion for a wide range of aquatic adventures.

🌊 Why Choose Jetpilot Men’s Inflatable Life Jacket Level 150?

📜 Certified and Trustworthy: This life jacket is certified to Australian Standards AS4758.1, ensuring you the highest level of safety. You can be confident you’re wearing a product that meets the industry’s toughest guidelines.

🌐 High-Quality Material: Constructed from 100% Australian Standards Nylon Fabric, the jacket guarantees durability and longevity. It’s designed to withstand harsh marine conditions, keeping you safe at all times.

🎯 One Size Fits Most: Designed to be multi-fit, this life jacket can accommodate up to size 5XL. Whether you’re on a fishing trip or out for a leisurely sail boat, we’ve got you covered—literally.

🛠️ Easy to Use: Equipped with adjustable straps and a convenient lanyard attachment point, this jacket is easy to put on and take off. The manual inflation system, complete with a replaceable CO2 cylinder, allows for quick and simple buoyancy control.

🕊️ Light and Comfortable: Weighing in with a comfortable and lightweight design, this life jacket won’t hold you back. You’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it, allowing you to fully concentrate on your water activity.

Safety doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or style. With the Jetpilot Men’s Inflatable Life Jacket Level 150 in Black, you can have the best of both worlds. So gear up and hit the water with confidence!

Product Features:

  • Certified to Australia Standards AS4758.1
  • 100% Australian Standards Nylon Fabric
  • Multi Fit For Adults up to Size 5XL
  • Comfortable, Lightweight Design
  • Lanyard Attachment Point
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Manual Inflation with Replaceable CO2 Cylinder