JETPILOT Cause Ladies S-Grip Buoyancy Jacket



JETPILOT Cause S-Grip Womens Jacket

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JETPILOT Cause Ladies S-Grip Buoyancy Jacket

The Jetpilot Cause Ladies Vest is a Ladies Vest is designed perfectly for any women to fit into, The Soft and stretchy neoprene helps the vest to make it stand out. The Jetpilot Cause Ladies Vest is the best bang for buck vest in the Ladies Jetpilot line up.


      • Pk Lock Zipper
        The Pk lock zipper is a Australian standard feature and must pass the Australian standard to be approved for Use, All vest must be approved before being sold.
      • Highest Quality PVC Foam Core
        Inside of the Jetpilot Cause Ladies Vest there is the Highest quality PVC foam available to help reduce the weight and give it a bit better movement.
      • 2 Heavy Duty Buckles 
        On the front there is 2 Buckles and straps to help the vest stay down and ensure the vest will not come up while in the water.
      • Anatomical Fit 
        Anatomical Fit is when the Vest is cut to your body shape for the best possible fit and to also stop the Vest from raising up around your ears.


      • Lanyard Safety Clip
      • 2 Buckle Front Zip Entry
      • 100% Australian Standards Neoprene Fabric
      • Australian Standard
      • Durable Mesh Drainage Gussets
      • Custom Designed Print
      • Screen Printed logos