DRAKE GT Men’s Snowboard Bindings



DRAKE GT Snowboard Bindings

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DRAKE GT Men’s Snowboard Bindings

It’s decided, this year will be the year you begin snowboarding! That’s why you’ll need the Drake GT Black, THE all-mountain snowboard binding for beginner riders.

These bindings are ideal bindings for mastering your first turns and getting used to all the new feelings of riding a snowboard. The Drake GT are comfortable, reactive bindings thanks to the Eyeback spoiler. The GT offer more support then their competitors thanks to its 4/10 flex, giving it a longer service life!

The Drake GT are versatile bindings that will let you try out all different snowboarding practices without restriction. Reliable and strong, the GTs incorporate essential elements such as aluminum buckles and heel straps that can withstand whatever you throw at them!

This winter will certainly be the first of many that you’ll ride with the Drake GTs!


Flex – 4/10: Flexible/medium flex.

Baseplate – DELTA: Reinforced nylon baseplate with aluminum heelcup. Responsiveness and sensitivity. 4×4 baseplate, minimized weight and direct pad contact improve feel.

Spoiler – Eyeback: Perfect for all riders, the Eyeback is super light, comfortable and versatile.

Straps – Premium MFC: Ultra-comfortable ankle strap providing responsiveness and flex. New padding to better adapt to boots.

Toe Glove: Toe capstrap adapted to any boot guaranteeing optimal fit.

Buckles – MAC 3 Buckles: Quick closure aluminum buckles.

Bond Toolless: System that allows most options to be set up without tools.

4*2, 4*4 and 3D compatible discs