BURTON All-Season Fastest Wax

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BURTON All-Season Fastest Wax

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BURTON All-Season Fastest Wax

The absolute fastest wax and team choice for all-season speed.
Banked Slalom legends like Terje Haakonsen know the importance of fluorinated wax in taking home the duct tape trophy. Try out some of the highly concentrated good stuff whether testing your skills in a local pipe comp, banked race or mass-start downhill with a competition-grade 14 F to 32F temperature specific hot wax formulated with high-speed fluorocarbons.


Competition-Grade, Temperature-Specific Fluorinated Wax for Accelerated Speed
All Temp / Condition Formulation: 32°F to 14°F [0°C to -10°C]
Apply with Iron Set to Medium Heat, Scrape, Brush (Optional) and Go
40 Grams
Made in the USA
1-Year Warranty