KUU Mach Fluoro Red Wax


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KUU Mach Fluoro Red Wax

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KUU Mach Fluoro Red Wax

KUU Mach waxes set the bar for competition waxes, with exclusive KUU technology. Although you don’t have to compete to enjoy their advantages.

Mach waxes combine the best elements of KUU Mach formulation. They provide superior base protection, dirt resistance and base wax absorption, and are ideal as all-round hot waxes for training, competition and riding. Resulting in a smoother, faster glide.

A fluoronated wax is also faster and has a higher snow durability than basic hydro-carbon based wax. If speeds your need this is the wax for you.

Notice: refer to the complete wax application instructions and temperature guide inside the package.

Temperature (Celsius): -7 <> -11