JOBE Vector Kids Wakeboard


JOBE Vector Junior Wakeboard

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JOBE Vector Kids Wakeboard

Strap your little youngsters in with confidence, thanks to the all-new Jobe Vector, this pint sized shred stick makes those all-important first steps on the water a positive one. Ditch that oversized hand-me-down board with the sloppy rubber bindings and do it right, giving them a real taste of wakeboarding. Constructed especially for junior riders the Vector features a broader tip and tail to take the hassle out of deep water starts. Itโ€™s the base of the Vector separates it from the competition, double moulded fins and an oversized centre tracking fin ensure the moment the little grom pops up from the water theyโ€™re off and donโ€™t have trouble getting the board riding sideways.
Meanwhile, the continuous rocker ensures the board rides higher top of the water with minimal drag keeping the strain off their developing bodies. Let the future shredder feel right at home this season, building confidence and sharing the passion on the new Jobe Vector

Size: 124cm


  • Bi-Axial Layered Glass
  • Top Seam Rail Technology (TST)
  • Blended Rocker
  • Molded Fins

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