DRAKE Team Kohei Mens Snowboard 2023


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DRAKE Team Kohei Mens Snowboard 2023

  • Style

    • freeride

      Dedication: FR Freeride boards are the perfect solution for riders, who prefer to spend time away fro the slope – especially in deep powder.

    • all – mountain

      Dedication: AM All-Mountains boards are the most versatile and great for everyone from beginners to advanced riders.


    • standard

      Standard board width – perfect if your shoe size is less than 11 US.


    • standard

      Traditional boards have binding inserts where the channel is located. Standard mounting system allows you to mount bindings in tens different positions.


    • twin tip

      Snowboards are shaped one of two ways: directional or twin. Twin snowboards are symmetrical, so the nose and tail are the same length. This shape is usually used in freestyle and jib snowboards.

    Snowboard profile

    • camber

      Camber is a very popular, traditional snowboard construction. These boards have more flex for carving and bend allowing more of the effective edge to touch the snow. The extra springy resistance of the concave profile gives it that extra pop.



    • hard

      Snowboard flex describes how flexible a snowboard is. A stiffer flex will give you greater stability and edge-hold, particularly at high speeds.



    • Sintered

      Sintered base – regulary waxed, sintered bases are much faster than extruded bases. Sintered bases can also be harder to repair than extruded bases.


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