CONNELLY Voodoo Wakesurfer


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CONNELLY Voodoo Wakesurfer

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CONNELLY Voodoo Wakesurfer

Surf style purists look no further: the Connelly Voodoo Wakesurf Board is fast, stable, maneuverable and guaranteed to plaster a goofy grin on your face. Built with a wide tip and tail, the Voodoo has a large total surface area for added buoyancy and stability, great for bigger riders or those surfing smaller waves. No need to worry about speed either; a wider tail gives more push from the wave for quicker acceleration and top-end speed while the swallowtail design keeps things loose enough to slash up and down the wave.


Construction and Materials
Epoxy Construction – Surfboard shapers have been using this construction method for ages. It produces the extremely light, buoyant, responsive board that surfers love to ride. This type of construction allows for nearly any shape you can think up, the possibilities are endless.

EPS Foam Core with 5mm Stringer

Surf Style – Surf styles use a multitude of rail shapes, board outlines, and fin setups to accommodate different riding styles and skill levels. There’s more than one way to ride a wave and Connelly recommends trying them all.

5’1″ – – 2.9″ / 0.3″ Rocker Height

Twin FCS II Side Carver 3.9″ – With no center fin there’s less resistance through the middle of the board allowing more speed with just one fin per rail this setup is looser than a quad or tri setup. Easy to break free on a slash, but grippy enough hold on the bottom turn.

Additional Features
1 Piece Grip-Lite EVA Pad – Sometimes your feet end up in weird spots doing tricks. Fear not, Connelly’s one piece pad will give you grip wherever you end up. Perforations in the pad let your feet sink extra deep for added grip and response.


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