CONNELLY Big Easy Waterski + Shadow Boot + RTP


CONNELLY Big Easy + Shadow Boot + RTP

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CONNELLY Big Easy Waterski + Shadow Boot + RTP


Questionable pop music, cheesy rom-coms, regrettable trends like platform shoes and frosted tips. Some parts of the 90’s are best left in the in the past. However, with the success of the Big Daddy and Outlaw Connelly have decided to revive one of the finer inventions of the 90’s, the revolutionary Big Easy. In 1997 they introduced a ski to make water skiing easier for everyone. Why waste energy just getting out of the water? The Big Easy will help you pop right up and allow you to ski all day long. The massive 635 in² platform and consistent width throughout the ski offers exceptional stability.

Size: Big (67″)


The Shadow binding has been redesigned for 2022 to accommodate a wider array of foot sizes while maintaining a high supportive fit. The Lycra lined toe and heel wrap are molded to fit snug without causing pressure points. A stretch panel in the toe can expand or compress to ensure proper fit over your foot. Our soft EVA footbed is set in a super-lite plate to keep you comfortable and behind the boat.

Size: 9-14 (L/XL)


  • World famous “Big Guy” ski
  • Closed cell polyurethane resin core
  • Recreational glass flex sequence
  • C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)
  • C.T.S (Connelly Tracking System)
  • Polished base
  • Standard Tunnel